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3 Main Benefits of Window Wells Aside from providing a decorative touch to your basement, window wells serve far more important purposes than just aesthetic appeal. Fact is, window wells serve such an important purpose that many states require homes to have them, but despite this, some homeowners still question their function. Window wells won’t only increase the value of your home, but they’ll also make it a lot safer for those living in your space. Learn more about the benefits of having window wells and why you should definitely have them installed if you haven’t got them already. 1. Emergency Exit – If your basements are used for dwelling purposes instead of just storage, laundry, or other utilities, it’s best that you install a window well for the purpose of an emergency exit. This is because it’s easier to get trapped in a basement, especially if the home suffers of a fire, or if the location is subjected to natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, and other acts of God. A window well provides a safe location for the placement of a window which in turn can be used to evacuate a house in case of an emergency. What’s more, fire fighters and other rescuers will look for window wells as their first option to enter a house with people in need of help should the doors be inaccessible. 2. Allows Natural Light – A lot of homeowners seeking to maximize the space in their homes use their basements as living rooms to accommodate guests or extra bedrooms. To allow natural light to enter the space for a homier feel, window wells are installed which also eliminate the need for too much artificial light that could take away from the room’s appeal. Enough sunlight can be filtered through window wells no matter how deep the basement might be, especially that window wells can be constructed very deep into the ground. This function won’t only make your space look less like a dungeon, and will significantly cut back on the expense of energy.
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3. Water Damage is Reduced – Homes that are located near bodies of water or that have significantly moist surroundings can give in to water and moisture damage. This can eat away at the material of their structure and can even leak into a basement and cause flooding. In this scenario, a window well becomes the perfect solution as it pushes soil and moisture away from the home to prevent water damage. This will eliminate the need for homeowners to repair and resolve flooded basements which can be very expensive to clean up.The Best Advice About Resources I’ve Ever Written

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